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Why An Outlaw Kart Sponsorship?

“Newspapers are antiquated. Car magazines are all the same. Radio is being replaced by Pandora.”

That leaves internet marketing, which when broken down is only successful when you have zeroed in on a target market (otherwise, it’s like shooting with a blindfold on).

By sponsoring our outlaw kart race team you’re hitting your target market directly on the bullseye. From fans to fellow racecar drivers, these locals are your consumers. We’ll promote your product directly to the people who are most likely to buy it.

Each sponsorship package includes social media promotion, because we know how effective online marketing is these days. Your business will be mentioned regularly on Lucas’ Instagram and Facebook driver pages. Your logo and website link will be prominently displayed on the Lucas Bonham Racing website. Last year, Lucas was featured several times in the Nevada County Fair Guide for the Vintage Duel races and his sponsors received great exposure.

Red Bluff Outlaw Kart and Cycleland Speedway race series features races that are broadcast live, across the globe via Fast Four Media These races are attended by some of the top names in kart racing including Rico Abru, Kyle Larsen and Logan Seavey.

Lastly, sponsoring a local youth is a beautiful way to show your community that they have your support, AND it's a tax write off for your business. We suggest discussing with your CPA the amount of sponsorship that would also benefit YOUR business.

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