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Ambassador for Victory Fuel!

Lucas is SUPER proud to be an Ambassador for Victory Fuel, an electrolyte packed water that is good for you! It's hydrating, has tons of vitamins which his parent's love, no caffeine and is KID friendly.

After trying it earlier this year at Chili Bowl Nationals when Logan Seavey won in his Victory Fuel midget, Lucas was hooked. He's excited to share a discount with all his friends, supporters and followers so you can try it too.

Lucas says his favorite part of Victory Fuel is how much flavor it has (this kid LOVES VF and dislikes plain water, so having this on hand is a win!) and how refreshing it is.

Just click the link below to order your Victory Fuel and get 10% off. Or use his code "Bonham10" when you checkout! Let us know if you grab some and what you think!

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