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Tentative 2023 Race Schedule

Lucas has a full year of racing in 2023 as he officially advances from Beginner Box Stock to the Box Stock class. As an eight year old, he'll be racing against drivers that are the same age all the way up to 11 and 12 years old. We're visiting new tracks this year (you'll see a few listed below).

Red Bluff Outlaws

  • February 18 Points Race #8 Perpetual Trophy Night

  • February 25 Points Race #9 Vern Wheeler Memorial

  • March 4 Points Race #10

  • March 11 Points Race #11

  • March 18 Points Race #12

  • March 23, 24, 25, 26 West Coast Nationals

Chowchilla Barn Burner

  • TBD

Lakeport Fairgrounds

  • TBD

Empire Mine Speedway, Grass Valley tentative schedule

  • Friday, March 17th

  • Friday, April 14th

  • Friday, May 5th

  • Friday, June 30th

  • August TBD

Cycleland Speedway

  • TBD pending schedule release

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